Would it be wrong to hold a grudge against this manager?


Borderline AITA; the main reason I’m not putting it there is because I want to keep this from blowing up. My apologies if it breaks sub rules; I couldn’t find anything against it but I’ll take it down if there’s an issue. To remain anonymous as possible details will be kept as broad as possible.

So for context; my job is to take billing phone calls for a mid sized corporation. Occasionally we get a customer who asks for a manager; our companies policy on that is we tell a supervisor in an instant message chat and schedule a callback. Usually we’re encouraged to defuse the issue; but if the customer insists we are supposed to set that call back up.

So I clock on; and I get a customer complaining that we took money out of his account; I check our systems and see no record so I tell him he has to dispute it with a his bank; he asks for a supervisor; I put the request it. Even though it’s my only one so far one of the supervisors (who will be named Sam) says I have had too many escalations today. I clarify that; and the customer gets his call and gets the same answer from the sup; said customer says he’s going to a regulatory agency.

A few hours later; I get a lady who claimed that the shipping company misplaced or stole her order; I check and the investigation was closed on our end; it showed that no error was made and the customer is still on for the balance of the device; the customer could still file a claim with the shipping company though. The customer doesn’t like this answer and swears, screams, and threatens the police for almost an hour demanding to get a sup; I relayed that request in chat. Sam asks on three seperate occasions if I told them to file a claim with the shipping company; I said that I told them but I had no idea if they paid any attention (this customer has a way of drowning me out). Eventually they hang up. I don’t know what happened on this sup call but they asked for a sup everytime they call in; and I doubt it was resolved.

The last one happened when a customer called alleging poor treatment by a prior rep; the customer spends almost an hour complaining about how bad the call was and how he always calls in to speak to a manager so he can get free stuff (he had just spoken to a manager not an hour ago). At this point Sam sends me a private chat entitled so; where she says that this is my third sup call today; with a disdain visible even through text; and that if I want any advancement I’ll have to defuse these calls. I explain that I was supposed to relay a message for a supervisor as per her boss, and that these calls weren’t able to get resolved by a manager; but if you know anything I can do to deesclate these I’m all ears. Sam agrees to set up a sup call; but says that she’ll talk to her boss about me and exits the chat. In the main public one about 20 minutes later; after Sam issues a 60$ credit onto his account I relay that the customer still wants a sup. She seems visibly angry through text but calls him.

The next day another customer is yelling at a different agent for about an hour (I don’t remember the reason) and Sam does the usual tell him the solution he refuses to accept. Eventually the customer just hangs up but Sam insults the customer in our recorded chat (she also talks in detail about shaving her back; she could have been talking about shaving her ass but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt mainly because it’s just so wierd otherwise). Her boss (who I will call Dave) cuts in and says in a professional manner that we can’t insult customers in the chat; Sam asks him “don’t you have paperwork to do”? Dave explains more of why it’s wrong with HIS boss (Amy) chiming in; Sam asks Amy “don’t you have agents to train”?

Dave continued to explain; Amy then accuses him of being the fun police; Dave states the obvious you can have fun without insulting customers. A few hours later I talk to Dave; he says he will speak to her about using the chat and that those calls should have been escalated.

Normally I’d try and mend the bridge out of pure professionalism but if Sam is feckless enough to yell at some one at least two ranks above her it seems nothing can be really be gained there. To be fair; she’s actually been pretty nice and professional lately but it’s just hard to overlook someone screwing up THAT badly. Think I’d be justified in not forgetting this?


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