Why did you give me your personal details then?


I work in car insurance, and a call came through on the renewal line. I went through DPA and then this conversation happened.

Woman: Why is the number I called different from the number on the renewal letter to call?

Me: There’s a few different numbers you can use to reach us.

Woman: So, you can help me with my renewal. I haven’t called the wrong people?

Me: Yeah, we have a few number that reach us. You’ve call the right people. I can help you.

Woman: It’s just I called a different number then was on the letter, and I find that very suspicious. Especially since you asked for my details.

Me: … We have to ask those questions for data protection. If you want to hang up and call the number on the letter you can.

Woman: I’ve already given you my personal details. So if you are not who you say you are, you have already stolen my information.

Me: … Did you want to go over the renewal with me?

Woman: I need you to prove you are who you say you are. What was my last years premium?

Me: It says on your renewal invite that it was £456*

Woman: And this years?

Me: Including your optional extras, £459

Woman: Okay, so you are who you say you are.

Just two things

1. If you’re that concerned about your details being stolen by a then don’t give them out until you happy you know who you’re talking to.


*Prices can change throughout the year, for example they moved house, so we don’t guarantee the exact amount. They also don’t include any extras.

The price I gave on here were not the actual prices she was offered.


What do you think?

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