My mental health is in the gutter because of this job.


I work for an insurance company. The benefits are great, but it’s a very high stress environment, very number-goal oriented, and if you’re off with the numbers, expect a supervisor up your ass every hour about how prod (productivity) is going and what you’re doing to improve.

Today almost every single call I took was an auto claim, and it’s honestly making me hate people even more. Why is everyone smacking into each other?! Did everyone just pick a day to forget how to drive????

I had no mental health issues up until I took this job. It was something I could endure with thick skin at first, but it’s really eating away at my mentality. Before COVID, when we were still in the office, I’d arrive at work 30 mins early and just cry in the car before my shift.

Now that I’m fortunate enough to work from home, I’ve had 9 panic attacks in the past 2 months, each time before I go to bed, because I know what kind of shitshow I’ll be clocking into the next morning.

I feel like any day now I’m going to snap at a customer or at my supervisor.

Is it time for me to quit? I know the answer is yes, but I’d just like a little reassurance that I’m not crazy, or overreacting.

UPDATE (5/19/21) : thank you all for the good advice and encouragement ❤️

I’m going to first try to see if I can be qualified for FMLA for more days off work. If it gets denied, or that doesn’t help my mental health, I’ll put in my two weeks notice.

Had another panic attack mid-shift today and I’m so ready for something to change.


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