Welp, Imma head out….


Finally pulled the trigger and quit my hell hole Call Center job for another UNION job in the company.

Even having five plus weeks of vacation was not enough to keep putting up with this crap.

I get extra giggles knowing they are already two people down and replacing those two was not yet approved by the suits, and as I am on the “off shift” replacing me is even less likely.

Therefore, my whiny, two faced, back stabbing coworker will be working at least half his shift by himself.

I rub my little hands together in glee.

Time off through next New Year’s had just been approved as well, and people were already not happy with me taking ALL the Holidays off, so now my bitchface boss gets to back fill all that as well.

As a bonus, the suits had just announced in a big meeting yesterday how everyone needs to work harder and faster, with less staff.

They had also introduced an AI assistant, think Microsoft’s “Clippy”, that was supposed to take half our work load. It has not been working out quite as they planned. Most people are not interested in talking to a robot when they can talk to a human instead.


Good God they are morons, but manglement gonna mangle. And still being in the company I will get to watch it all from the sidelines.

I likely still have to work out my two week notice, but my boss should know I am completely out of fucks to give at this point and her micromanagement “tips” will be nodded at and then promptly ignored.

Just fired off that resignation email and disconnected my computer and my phone until my shift starts again at 8pm. I hope she chokes on it.


What do you think?

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