Well. Sh!t. Literally.


Call center for a financial institution.

Guy calls up to change his address. I tell him no can do, can’t make those updates over the phone. He can visit a branch or submit the update in writing, even via email just write it out take a picture of the written request with his signature on it along with a current ID for verification.

He loses his damn mind, illegal, unfair, ridiculous, etc, etc. Whatever, heard it all before. But he finally agrees to send the email.

Hour later, sure enough the email comes in with the new address written in sharpie….on *used* toilet paper along with a note that read “thanks for the shitty customer service.”

So that was new and different. Pretty sure they’re closing that acctm


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I had no idea trick voicemail greetings still existed … but apparently they do!

Welp, Imma head out….