The PASSWORD story


1st post here……..

I have worked in a call centre environment for a few years, debt collection here in Australia and last year I worked as a CSO for a bank. Now my forte is talking to customers, helping them with anything that is in my purview to fix. If I can’t, I will point the customer in the right direction and follow-up as required. The bank I worked for was a small regional bank that was expanding nationally, so we had customers from all over Australia but we also had loyal following from customers from the original bank, who were still unhappy that we closed the local branch.

One of my tasks in this new role was password reset for Internet Banking (IB). Simple enough, verify ID, confirm the account is locked from to many attempts, reset the password and provide a 9 digit automatically generated code to the customer to allow them to log in and change their password.

Simple right?

Customer calls in and I do my usual greeting…..

Customer – Older Gentleman (OG) 80+ years old

Hi Horseman, my name is OG and i cant access my IB because I have forgotten my password can you help?

Horseman- of course I can, can you please confirm ID details?

OG – DOB, address, full name, last 4 digits of.card # confirmed

Thanks OG, thats confirmed, now I will reset your password and give you a 9 digit code to input so you can log in and change your password….. now as a reminder it needs a Capital Letter, number and Symbol

Customer logs in, and resets password

Issue #1 – Password doesn’t meet IB Security protocols
Issue #2 – customer closes screen and has to log back in with a new 9 digit number

This occurred 9 times

9 times to reset the password, 9 times to provide the 9 digit code…..

37 mins with this wonderful gentleman while trying to get a password that met our security requirements.

The issue i was able to identify was the Shift key….

He wasn’t holding the shift key while hitting the numbers to insert a symbol….

Luckily I had a stroke of inspiration and asked OG to hit the period button….. that.was the symbol he ended up using…

Thanked me for spending so much time with him and apologised for taking up my valuable time…. not a problem OG, I spend as long as it takes until you are a happy customer.

TL;DR- older customer doesnt understand about symbols on a keyboard, doesn’t hold shift key


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