That’s not what I paid 5 years ago….


Let’s call this person… Linda..

Linda: “Hi! I need to do a reorder of my last order.”

Me: “Great! Let me get that together for you.”

Linda: “Wait… your website says that the price is now 60 cents per unit but when I last bought this, it was 49 cents per unit.”

Me: “ok… let me take a look….” (after a min of pretending to look deeper into the pricing)
” yes ma’am, I see that there has been a price increase since the last time you purchased this”

Linda: “well I want it at the price I paid before, I’ve been a loyal customer for so long.”

Me: “I understand that, I see the 3 orders you’ve placed with us since 2014, and the last one was back in 2016. However, prices are subject to change over the years.”

Linda: “Well that’s just bad business… how do you expect to retain customers if they can’t count on you being able to maintain pricing.”

Me: “I’m sorry but this is what I can offer you, do you still want to place the order?”

Linda: “I guess I have no choice since I need these, I don’t like being forced like this.”

Me: “Well ma’am, we are not forcing you to place this order, you do have a choice and you may shop around to other companies if you feel you can find better pricing.”

Linda: “Just get it over with…”

Things were silent till we got to the shipping part, she didn’t appreciate shipping rates were different too. 🤭🤫


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