Don’t want a female tech? I’ll transfer to our best tech.


Obligatory mobile post, I apologize in advance for any autocorrupt.

In 2001, I worked at an outsource call center for a major computer OEM on 3rd shift. There were about 12 of us, with some insane call volumes and not much oversight.

If you got an escalation, one of the other techs would take it as the “Floor Supervisor”, which we were all qualified as.

Female co-irker, on her last day before going to a more technical position at another company, got a “special” caller who demanded a male tech because “girls don’t know anything” and demanded a supervisor. I get the call, let him rant, and advise him that I’ll get him with the best tech on the floor, someone who was actually moving into a more technical position on Monday, etc.

And transferred him right back to her, whereupon he was a meek and polite kitten the rest of the call.


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