Customer demands we give him the name and number of a Japanese agent that doesn’t exist.


I do tech support for a Japanese company. The department that I work in has 4 people all American. Why that’s important will be clear in a moment. I took a call from a gentleman he had a very thick accent but I’ve gotten good at deciphering most accents so I power thru.

He wants to know why his tv wont pick up all his antenna channels. He said that he was getting a few channels but not all of them. He ran a channel scan a few times no luck. Normally the solution is to check on the antenna. If something was wrong with the tv you wouldn’t be able to pick up any stations. The fact that he was able to get a few but not all points to a problem with the antenna. He tells me he already did that which is an obvious lie customers always claim they check things when they actually didn’t. I tell him once again to check the antenna because the issue doesn’t point to something wrong with the tv. He says fine and hangs up.

Few hours later I get another call. Its the same guy this time he asks to speak to someone in Japanese. I put him on hold call our translator line and conference a translator in. He’s talking to the translator and the translator comes back to me and goes

Translator: ” He wants to know if you have a Japanese agent working for you”

Me: No we don’t, We use translators.

She goes back to talk to him and a min later comes back and says

T: Do you have a manager he could speak to that’s Japanese.

Me: I can let him talk to a manager to my knowledge he’s not Japanese.

T He wants to speak to a Japanese agent because its a Japanese company so surely you have a Japanese agent. the first agent was very rude to him.

Me: No we don’t have anyone like that you can speak to.

At this point instead of talking to the translator this guy is talking directly to me in English again.

Cust: CIWF is a Japanese company you should have a Japanese agent.

Me: No we don’t have an agent that is Japanese or speaks Japanese.

Cust: The person I talked to earlier was very rude. That’s not good customer service

Me: Well that was me and I wasn’t rude to you I gave you a solution to your issue. if you don’t like the solution I gave that’s on you. I told you to check your antenna.

Cust: I did that

Me: clearly not or you would be able to access the other antenna channels your problem isn’t related to the tv like I said check your antenna.

Cust: How do you know its not a problem with the tv.

Me: Because I deal with these issues all the time sir.

Cust: No its the tv I know more than you.

Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Cust: Fix my Tv!

Me: Thank You for calling have a day.

I thought it was over until today when I was doing admin work and I get an email from corporate forwarding me an email in Japanese. So I translate it and its this same guy talking about how he was treated rudely and wants the name and number of a Japanese ex pat he can talk to. I reply back to the email that we don’t have anyone he can talk to and link the number for the tech support line. Hopefully I’m not fired over this not like that would be the worse thing in the world.


Update: Customer wrote the home office in fucking Japan and complained and it got back to my boss who promptly fired me. Not a big deal I was able to secure a job the next day thankfully out of a call center. So blessing is disguise


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