Stupid customer service rep gets all cocky and tries to pull a karen move on me


This can be the first one that I’ve seen a rep from customer service act like an idiot. Prolly this will be a long story, veeery very long, just in case.

For context, I work on a call center for a mobile company. A lot of people call to get supervisors (as usual), but they always have to go through us first (normal customer service agents). No matter if the agent asks to go through one immediately, it always needs to go through us first because we need to run some information beforehand. So onto the story. In this case, imma label this idiot as Entitled Darren Representative

To go straight to the point imma give context for the issue: this guy from another dept called me because the customer he was talking with was very aggravated. This happens a lot and the guy sounded noticeably nervous. I tried to attend him with a jolly tone.

EDR: Hello! I’m from the security cameras dept. I have a customer on the line that wants to speak directly with a supervisor. Nothing against you, is that the customer is insisting in speaking directly with a supervisor and not with a normal agent. Can you help me?

Me: well, for normal procedures, we usually need to get in touch with the customer first because we need to do some checkouts, but let me see what I can do/

EDR: Sure, is just that the customer wants to speak with someone because it has been having an issue for a while and it has been hung up multiple times, including supervisors (i call this BS, but not sure so imma give this guy that at least)

I spent a while asking in a support group if it was possible to connect a transferred customer to a supervisor directly. All people told me no, since we need to check some things on our side first, like the reason why he wants to get a supervisor on our side to make sure is valid, and because we need to verify. Basically nonetheless, the customer would need to go through us first in order to get in touch with a supervisor.

I came back with this guy, who for a good portion of the interaction stayed calm.

EDR: please, can you please just connect me with a supervisor directly? Is just that the customer is already very upset and wants to talk to a superior only.

Me: yeah, I understand, but because of policies the customer needs to talk with us first, because we need to check some information. There is no way for us to connect someone immediately wit a supervisor because we need to check something first on our side. I’m sorry, but if it’s ok, I can take the call

And queue the problems. This guy’s nervous tone moved to frustrated and prepotent

EDR: well I’m not going to connect the customer with you. He’s angry enough and I won’t make him angrier (as if it was you the one that would be taking the bullet pal… that was all on me, and probably my supervisor later)

Me, still on a calmed voice: I’m sorry but because of policies we can’t do that. As I said, if you connect me with the customer, I can get everything straightened up and I can connect him with a supervisor

EDR: NO! I need the customer to speak with a supervisor. Connect me with a supervisor now!

I lost my patience there. I explained him several times we can’t because of processes (I would not get in trouble because of this idiot’s complains).

Me, in a more serious tone: OK, sorry if I sound rude, but no. We cannot connect the customer with a supervisor first. He needs to talk to us, so we verify, because otherwise the transfer is invalid. Connect me with him, and I’ll handle it from here.

EDR: I’m from the Security cameras department (wow that’s cool buddy but I guess nobody asked!), and I just need a supervisor from the mobile side because of the customer’s issue! I won’t make the customer more angry that he already is!

Me: well I’m sorry but I can’t do it. Because of procedures we can’t do it. Connect him with me or I won’t do anything from here.

EDR: Fine (here comes the Darren move). Give me your name and your employee ID, I’m gonna check on something later.

Me: Gimme a second.

I put myself in hold, not only to breathe, because this guy was making my blood boil, but also to ask advice. I talked to someone I work with for advice and it told me exactly what I wanted to see:

*ask for his name and employee ID as well. You can report him as well for invalid transferring*

And so did I. At this point I wasn’t going to be nice with this guy anymore, because he wasn’t being nice with me. The same agent told me that we need to check some thing like the reason why is being transferred and why does it need a supervisor

Me: OK, first of all, what’s the customer’s issue?

EDR: I told you already (being honest here, I didn’t recall him telling me the issue, but it might’ve been that I couldn’t hear it so here is 50/50. He told me something about a phone the customer was being charged for that didn’t have anymore).

Me: Ok, I see. Still in this case I’d need to talk with him first (now I know that I already said it but no kidding, I needed to check on this).

EDR: and I said I wouldn’t do it. Tell me your name and your ID now, because I’m gonna file a complain for not talking the call

Me: Ok fine, but only if you give me YOUR name and ID first. If you’re gonna complain of me, I can do the same as well.

EDR: no way I’ll do that (and here you know this guy knew it was in problems)

Me: Well sorry, but I won’t give you my name or my ID, Is just a base procedure that we need to follow.

EDR: OK, then give me your supervisor’s name and ID. I’ll have a chat with him (wow this guy is really trying to go distances)

Me: No. I cannot provide that information for privacy.

EDR: Then give me your name and ID.

ME: I;ll do if you give me yours first

I know this was kids fight but I would not be receiving a report fort this guy’s fault.

EDR: No! I won’t give you my information. There’s no way I’ll do it! Give me your name! (so, you can get my info but I can’t get yours? 1000 IQ play there. He knew what he was doing)

Me: Walter (that’s not my name in any ways but I would not be giving him my name)

EDR: OK, and your employee ID?

Mer: I’ll give it to you when you give me yours.

EDR: you know what? I’ll look the way t solve this issue myself. Thanks.

Me: Bye.

And hung up.

The reason this interaction angered me so so much is because this guy really was an idiot. I tried to be helpful not only for him, but also to avoid myself to get in trouble (besides no sup would take a call just like that). This guy acted the same way entitled customers act. Now I know this job is stressing and that sometimes you can lose grip, it happened to me before, but you don’t act like an entitled idiot. Even I try to lower my anger (or not show it), because is a professional environment. You cannot act like that and expect people to be willing to help you.

I apologize if I acted as an idiot myself, but for this guy, he really needs to chill, even if this guy is on your nerves

Also yeah I already posted but wanted to see other people’s opinions here lol.


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