Kindness goes a long ways.


Having worked in a call center I can tell you first hand I have bent the rules multiple times to help a customer who is kind to help them in any way (within my abilities). If a customer is cursing me out I just want them off my phone. The rep you are speaking with can only do so much.

I had a card for an engagement ring I bought on credit. After I payed it off I was charged late fees and ignored it. Months went by and I was charged fees on top of it so I eventually called in.

The rep I spoke with was only able to offer a $15 credit and asked if I was able to make a payment. At this point I “owed” over $150 in late fees that accumulated after paying it off.

After politely explaining the situation the rep put me on a brief hold so they could speak with their supervisor, who confirmed the fees should be waved and all debt be taken care of.

This rep could have told me I was responsible for the whole payment and/or I could have had to gone through the process of appealing it. But if you are willing to treat the person on the other end of that line with respect they will usually do what they can to help you.


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