It’s Hard To Find Quality Reps


I was just reminded of a time where I had a repair shop call in to our general number to let us know they couldn’t do the work for a customer. For context, at the time I worked in a highly regulated industry as a third party provider for a number of clients.


The customer had chosen the shop because they were the customers regular shop for routine work, but this was specialized work and the shop wanted us to reach out and let the customer know they were unable to perform the repair. They also asked if we would be able to help the customer find a repair shop that could do the work. This was a pretty routine call and request. The specific client required customers were handled by specially trained reps so I called that line and got to a representative and explained the situation.

The rep then said to me, “Oh no, the customer has a shop of choice. We can’t get them another shop, that would be steering and illegal.”

M: ”You mean the shop on the line? That can’t do the work?”

R: “Yeah.”

M: “The shop we are speaking to right now, that is calling and asking we find another shop for the customer?”

R: “Yes. It’s the customers shop of choice, we don’t want to take work away from them.”

M: “The shop can’t do the work.”

R: “It’s the customers shop of choice.”

This went on for about five minutes before she goes, “Oh, you have the shop on the line? In that case we can’t do anything.”

I gave up and called a different rep.

TDLR; Rep keeps insisting that the shop do the work it can’t do.


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