Some tales from a call center vet


I’ll preface this with, English is not my native language and I’m on mobile

A couple years ago I used to work in a call center that did call center work for many different companies, anything from fashion to banking

I thought I’d share some of my favourite stories:

One time we had a customer call from France. He got to one of my colleagues who did not speak French and advised him he’d have to call back later to see if a French speaker is available (no option to transfer calls either)

So he obviously calls back right away instead of waiting a couple minutes and gets the same colleague again.

The next person he got was me, also not a French speaker. Unfortunately I got him back about 5 times with him getting more irate each time.

He wouldn’t listen to what I said until I raised my voice slightly.

Manager told me off for raising my voice, all I did was tell him the same phrase again, just louder so he’d hear me.

But alas the customer is always right blah blah. (We had that stupid rule of not hanging up until we warned a customer 3 times no matter the abuse they shouted at us)

Another one of my favourite callers was a woman that lived in buckfuck nowhere and was completely shocked when I asked her to spell her address, cause yeah everyone knows every address in the country. Not to mention that the address was something like thyme which over the phone sounds like time. (Not the actual address just something to the effect)

There were also many many maaaaany calls from people cursing us out as one of the fashion companies we worked for had a policy of cancelling an order at any time. There stock level on their website was not live, so it could say there is 1 of something available when in reality it had already been allocated to someone else. I never dreaded work so much in my life until the days that company sold special limited edition items and lots of orders got cancelled once they ran out of stock.

We also had one caller complain to my french speaking colleague about her accent and requested a proper English speaking person. He got me next and I put my best Queens English on. He ended the call saying how he was glad to speak to someone who actually was English. I took the pleasure of telling him that I am in fact not English.

Oh and let’s not forget the guy who complained that he did not get his refund the second he submitted it. He went on to Twitter wanting to blame me personally (we had to give our full names to customers if asked and could not use a fake name). But I don’t have a very easy name for people who are not from my country and he got it completely wrong (yes I found his Tweet 🤣)

I am glad I got out. Funnily enough I still work over the phone, but now in Recruitment and it is very rare I ever get someone upset over the phone.


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