[Rant] Everyday I am ASTONISHED by the number of people that don’t hang up when they’re done a call.


Title pretty much says it all but never in my 20-something years of existence on the planet did I assume there’s an entire group of people that just do not end calls? On a daily basis I have several calls that the caller doesn’t hang up, and instead shoves their phone into their pocket or puts it on the desk and continues their day.

To be fair, it doesn’t really matter as I’m with a company that has blessed us with the functionality of an “end call” button, but I’ll get in the swing of it and put my phone on auto answer so I can leave both hands on the keyboard to finalize the call notes as I’m introducing myself for the next one. But 2-3 times a day I’ll give my “have a great rest of your day, and stay safe!”, we both say goodbye and then I can hear the shuffling of a phone in a pocket while Rebeca walks down stairs, or the sounds of Courtney cooking dinner for her kids. One older couple even went back immediately to filling their taxes in and reading their social insurance numbers out loud. Honestly the number of people that will open a claim for a package not delivered or an item that arrived damaged and then as soon as they think I’ve hung up admit to the others in the room ” Oh they’re just going to refund it we got the *item* for free or whatever the case may be.

How can people be so oblivious to their surroundings? Are this many people this bad at completing the basic things in their life? Do they expect people to do the last step of their task for them every time? I can only imagine the people going “Well I don’t need to end the call I’m sure he will on his end” being the same people on the “Eh I don’t need to look in the mirror when I back up the other people can get out of my way” or “Oh well I don’t need to log out of my work email on this library computer I trust the next person will do it for me” bandwagons.

Just a rant, as today I decided to start a tally and in my 8 hour shift, of 65 handled calls, 13 didn’t hang up and continued with their business bringing me with them.


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