Less stressed since I started selectively not giving a care.


Customer chats with responses: vague, seemingly drunk-typed, garbled letters, doesn’t answer my question/connect with what I was requesting, or barely make any lick of sense? Then, fuck QA — I’ll utilize the policy to get a supervisor if I can’t gain agreement / understand the issue after 3 tries.

NOT A SINGLE adjustment in whatever I did actually did anything at all! It just wastes my AHT and stresses me out. I don’t care what QA says anymore, 8/10 customers are easier to talk to anyways (yes, even including the Karens!).

Besides, the company has decided AHT would be the judging factor when deciding staff rankings anyway (NOT CSAT, which is absolutely asinine so I’m just playing by their rules.)

Got a bad survey? TL faults me for it for not doing something I should’ve — the way he specifically would’ve preferred I did it — even though I actually did it (just not the way he would’ve?) I don’t care.

I’ll nod my head on coaching sessions. Not like he actually lets me get a word in before interrupting me when I try to explain my side anyway, or he does, but flat out negates it.

I’ve been doing it for 3 months and yet my stats are still passing. Passing CSAT (1-4 bad surveys on average), QA is mostly 9 or 10 out of 10, and overall doing good.

I’m just not gonna care as much as I used to anymore.


What do you think?

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