Received a call from a clueless Boomer who needed 25 minutes to change his password only to cuss me out afterwards and ask what did he need me for


I recently moved over to a new department at my job but, I’m trained on a variety of things having been at my company for years. So, depending on how I feel and if the customer is nice and in need, sometimes I’ll go outside of my job duties and help them to save them from having to sit on hold for another department if I know how to fix the problem.

For context, my original department was hell. Back to back calls, angry evil customers and constant micromanagement. My new department is like 20-30 minutes between calls, consistently peaceful days and mostly happy callers.

I get a call at the end of my shift from a frantic guy claiming to be in the hospital. Middle aged guy from the sound of it. He wants to completely block his account (because someone was on his phone and may have found out his banking info and passwords) or to change his password if possible.

I tell him we can’t block accounts. The company doesn’t allow it unless there’s real fraud happening. Not just because you’re scared.

But I do offer to change his online banking password as he requested and he says fine. Immediately afterward, I realized I made a mistake because it took this guy 25 minutes and he still couldn’t follow my instructions to change his password. Essentially we have to give out a code to sign in, then it directs him to make a new password. Most people don’t need hand holding like this but, every now and then you get older people who don’t know the difference between text or email (seriously, this one of his questions) so we walk them through.

At the end of our convo, this jackass really says to me…”What did I need you for asshole?”

It took everything in my body not to cuss him out. Not only was it not my direct job responsibility, and not only did he make me stay over the end of my shift by ten minutes….I could’ve easily sent him the instructions to do it on his own and clicked in his ear but he kept whining about needing help.

So I reminded him that he said he needed help changing his password and he says “No shit sherlock, I could’ve did this myself”.

Well, why the fuck didn’t you dummy.

Ugh. I hate people. I swear.

So glad I’m in a different department where I very rarely have to interact with assholes like him anymore.

That’s it on me doing something outside of my position. They’re getting transferred to the hellish department I used to work at or getting an email tutorial and a click.


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