Customer is upset department has no female agents.


So my team is 4 people. we are a small department. we are all men. This is a call I took today

Me: *Standard greeting*

Cust: Can I speak with a woman please?

Me: We don’t have a female agent you can speak to

Cust: Why?

Me: Because we are a small department and don’t have any female agents. Is there something I can help you with?

Cust: I would feel safer talking to a woman

Me: As I said we don’t have a female agent so is there something i can help you with?

Cust: Can I speak to a manager?

Me: Sure I can take down your number and he will call you back

Cust: So he’s a man to?

Me: Yes he’s a man, Ma’am if there isn’t something I can help you with I’m going to disconnect the call

Cust: You don’t have to be rude

Me: You don’t have to be difficult I’m trying to help if you don’t like the help you are being offered I don’t know what to tell you.

Cust: Fine have the manager call me

She rattled off her phone number and other info I didn’t take it down because at this point she can fuck herself.

Me: what are you calling about today so I can let my manager know.

Cust: While moving my tv I dropped it and shattered the screen I want to get it replaced

Me: I’m sorry but your warranty doesn’t cover damage to the screen especially when its dropped

Cust: See this is why I wanted to speak to a woman-

Me: who would have told you the same thing I just told you. Its company policy Sorry we cant do anything. Thank you for choosing company I work for.


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