Really dumb lady does not understand the difference between “sharing” and “property of a number”


Now ik the title is kinda weird… ‘ll get to that part in a moment so spare with me. Also, this might be long. Doubt it, but just in case.

So for quick context, I work for a call center for Marvel Mobile. We share towers with another company called DC Mobile (spare with me I gotta be creative lol). Basically we share just the towers to help coverage, but we still work as separate companies.

I just got in touch with a lady who wanted to move from Marvel to DC but needed the account number and security pin for that. The first call I received was from DC (customer called her first). She explained me that she needed that information but naturally they couldn’t give it because they don’t have info for the phone number. I told them I understood and asked them to pass me the lady to help her.

I talked to her and she told me she needed to move her number to Vertigo (let’s say this is another mobile company). I told her I’d help her without a problem.

I asked her for basics (first and last name, address, number since the account didn’t appear on my side). I was trying to find the right account since the information didn’t match and had to make sure I was on the right account. During this whole time while searching, this lady just kept saying that she doesn’t understand why DC couldn’t help her if she had the phone there and the account and pin should be good, and besides, if we were the same company that we should have the same info (so here’s the part for the title).

I explained to her that we only share towers with them, and that we still work as separate companies, is just that we shared towers, but she kept insisting the number was with them. I asked her deliberately with the number (that SHE gave me she wanted to move) which company did she had it. She told me “Marvel Mobile”.

Once again, I tried to tell her that since the number is with us, we’re the ones that need to provide that info, and that I’d be more than glad to help her (no, I wasn’t but damn quality dept listen everything). She kept insisting her phone was with DC (and I’m 110% sure she meant the cellphone, not the number) and kept insisting that if the number is wit us WE would be the ones giving them the number. But all this time she just said “Connect me with DC Mobile so I can get my account number and pin please” over and over in a (imo) very condescending tone. After the 3rd time I tried to explain her and she kept bugging me for it, I just put myself on hold, dialed the number for DC Mobile, and sent her there. If she insists, I’d rather just *accomplish her wishes* than causing me a problem with a bad review.

So if the lady gets to read this: Hope you got that with DC Mobile lady!


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