Dumb lady gets pushy for something we don’t have or manage


So here’s the first story in this subreddit but not the first one from my job lol.

So for quick context, I work in a call center for a mobile company I’m just gonna call Marvel Mobile. So naturally we sell phones. One of the biggest problems we have is that old people (with all respect obviously… might not seem like it though which I really apologize for) buy new smartphones that they end up not knowing how to use. Or family gives them those phones. And why? Just because the phones have a promotion. I swear these idiots see the word free and they just buy it. They don’t read for crap and when time comes they are surprised for it. And another problem, is that these guys ask us a lot of help on how to do everything… and at the same time proceed to complain on why is it so hard to use em later

But anyway I’m digressing. Basically I got a call from a member of another team that was telling me this. I’ll refer to him as A1 (agent 1), and just in case, DL (dumb lady) for the caller.

a1: hey, I have a customer on the line. She says she wants to get a booklet with instructions for a phone she just got mailed to her

Me, caught off guard: well, being honest we don’t really have those, and usually what it comes in the phone is just some papers with basic instructions and warranty info

a1: yeah I told her that but she still wants to receive a booklet with instructions

me: ok, let me check what I can find, at least on info on what does it come on the box

I started searching what comes in the phone box to see if there was any info or something. I found that yeah s juts a bunch of papers with minimal instructions. Basics but still.

The agent eventually transferred me the call. Either he was tired of dealing with this lady or he really needed to do it (dunno metrics and stuff). So I took on the call.

I greeted her as normally, and she explained me she wanted the booklet for the phone

me: well, being honest we really don’t have booklets for it, but the phone comes with some pap…


This lady was making a fuss over a little paper guide. Jeez. She just sounded very frustrated pointing to angry.

Me: I’m sorry but we don’t have booklets on how to use the phone, and besides what it comes as a guide is a piece of paper

DL: that’s ridiculous! We got my parents these phones and they’re 80 years old. They don’t know how to use them! We switched them because they had flip phones and they can’t use them anymore

Me: I understand, but once again, unfortunately we don’t have booklets for usage. If it works, I can send you a guide via email that you can use…

DL: That doesn’t work! You can send it to my email but I’m not going to be all time with them, and if they need something I’m not going to be there to help them! Just send me a booklet with instructions and that’s it!

me: I’m sorry, is that we don’t give those ones

DL: what if I go to the store? Will they give me one?

Me: is just as I mentioned we don’t really have instructive for usage of the phone

DL: so you’re telling me each time my parents need help with their phones they have to call you all the damn time?!

Me: I really apologize…

DL: just because the phone is free doesn’t mean you can’t send those (what kind of dumbass logic is that?). My parents have everything paired with you! They have a bundle! There should be a way for you to send them one

At the end , I got tired of having to explain this lady for the 10th time that we don’t have those. Is not like we have random paper books. By the end the lady kept ranting and ranting that she wanted a booklet for it.

Me: I’m sorry, but once again, the closest thing is the online guides we can send via…

DL: guide? What guide?

Me: Well, is a guide…

DL: what do you mean by guide? What is this guide?

Me: Well, we send…

DL: how does the guide you say work?

Me, tired of her already: you select the phone you want to use and follow the instructions based on what you need

DL: Yeah but what kind of instructions?! One day they might need help to send a text message, other to make a call, other to write something. They might need it for something else (this lady was LITERALLY asking me this whole guide on how to use her phone… Jesus!)

Me: yeah it has instructions for it. Give me your email address and I’ll send it to you

She gave me her email. After doing it, she kept ranting and ranting of a lot of crap that honestly was very tedious to hear (how our company is big enough and they should have these, how our devices are complicated to use, how these booklets help, why we don’t give them, why she wanted one, etc etc etc). She ended up saying thanks and that she would print those later on/


What did we learn kids? Don’t give something to someone if it doesn’t know how to use then just because is free! Give them something comfortable for them!. Also, don’t drop your babies head first, or she’ll end up like this lady


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