“Hey babe, you’re so sexy”


I can’t tell you how many time I [M] get female callers who say inappropriate things to me like “ooo your voice is so sexy”, “oh your have a bedroom voice”, or call me things like hun/sweetheart/sugar.

If a man were to call in and say “hey sweetheart you’ve got a sexy voice” to a female agent, people would understand that it’s creepy and you shouldn’t do it. But swap the genders and suddenly people act like it’s no big deal. :/

I’m a person. This is my job. I don’t choose to be here. So you can’t just talk to me like we’re on a date or something.

Now, when women start to say “oh your voice really does it for me, I could listen to you all day” I just cut them off and say “no thank you”. One lady even apologized after that.


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