QA’s are stressing me out! I need advice from someone


Okay, I am trying to be positive as possible because QA stresses me out on this job. Last week I had gotten a 52 on QA and this week I had a practice call flow chart ready and handy making me confident in my calls. I get a message today stated I received a 59 on my QA. In my mind I’m thinking, why in the world does it seem like I’m barely improving when I have been making sure I do EVERYTHING properly. Mind you, I have only been here for a month. I think we get three months to improve to a higher average.

What confused me the most is my notes that the QA graded stated that “You did a great job with opening statement,assuring assistance, accessing mandatory hold time, recapping and offering additional assistance, as well as closing properly before offering the survey.!”

Then I go down to areas of opportunity-
Hold procedure
Hold time
Search protocol
Complete and accurate response
Referrals and resources

Coaching opportunities-
Restate inquiry not restated to caller.
Ask, tell, thank for hold procedure.
Hold time was exceeded on second hold because I’m always rushing to find information and keep up with the time clock.
Searching protocol was not in the right order apparently.
I missed critical information in a PR and forgot to assist with another thing that is mandatory on our calls.
Then I got also that what I read was not in our resources. Avoid paraphrasing or rewording information to meet the inquirers needs. I need to escalate the call.
Oh and read the email phonetically. Which I restate the email back by spelling out the numbers and letters.

Mainly the feedback I got was that my hold procedure needs help and I NEED to ask for permission and thank them when I put them on hold, which I always do very nicely. I also need to work on my search protocol.

Okay guys I know this is a lot to read but by reading all of this and all the effort I have been putting into this job. Should I go in for a coaching so I can get help or start looking for another job? I am very good at being helpful and nice and I think they place way too much emphasis on technical data throughout the call. What would you do? I am trying my best friend to keep this job and NOT stress out. Any helpful tips or tricks to not feel so defeated? I feel like they are picking my bad calls on purpose to grade or is it just at random? I am lost….


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