I’m that person you really hate, and I’m sorry


Let me set this up for a minute:

I work at a call center, obviously, however it’s the kind that calls people to ask if they will take a survey. We have different projects so some interviews (we love to avoid the word “survey”) may be 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes long.

The current interviews I’m calling about take 30 minutes. The interview helps a major company review their deliver and handling of packages. Like how they could be better.

Well yesterday, someone I called, called me out.

Person: Why the hell do you people do this? This is the most annoying thing. Why waste my time?

Me: Well I do it because it truly does help the company. We turn in what we find and they change what others do not like, and what they should continue doing. It’s overall helpful to them because the company will change for the better.

(If you’ve seen a big, yellow truck that just so happens to have packages in it…well you understand why we seriously need to turn in what we find because that company isn’t exactly great).

Person: But do you actually get people to take a 30 minute survey with a stranger? How many people truly take this?

I sat for a minute, checked how many people I had called that day, and realized that in the 7 hours of working, I had called 105 people with about 15-20 people angrily hanging up on me.

Jesus Christ what I do really annoys people. I’m sorry about that to everyone reading.

Honestly, if someone calls who does kinda like what I do, just take the fucking thing or be nice and say no. Even the callers know this is annoying, but it’s money so we all do it because most of us in the office also do freelance work. I’m an English tutor who really works with communication and reading, so obviously I’m not exactly making ends meet with that. A coworker of mine is in a band, but he doesn’t make a lot from it so he does this job too. You can overall find all of us with two or more jobs because we never went to quit our freelance job.

The guy who called me out wasn’t exactly nice about it, but I suppose it’s sort of gave me a realization of, “do you realize you’re annoying as shit?”

So once again, I’m sorry I’m one of those annoying people. Just for the love of God, just take the fucking thing or say nicely that you don’t want to do it.


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