People who don’t grasp the concept of call centers


I work in the scheduling department for an eye practice that has about a dozen locations in my state. Due to having such a high call volume and patient volume, we have a dedicated call center. We also have people assigned to different queues for better efficiency, instead of having everyone assigned to all the queues.

Normally I know when people call a medical office, they assume the person who they’re talking to is a receptionist who works there in person, but sometimes you get patients who just don’t seem to grasp what a call center is even when you explain that.

Enter Stubborn Lady (SL), who called sometime last week.

Me: Hi, thank you for calling My Workplace, this is tomorrowistomato, how can I help you?

SL: Hi is this Location A?

Me: This is actually the line for Location B, but I can still help you wi–

SL: No I need Location A, you’re at Location B?

Me: I can assist you with any location you–

SL hangs up.

A few minutes later, another call.

Me: Hi, thank you for calling My Workplace, this is tomorrowistomato, how can I help you?

SL: tomorrowistomato? Can you give me the number for Location A, I need to call them to reschedule my appointment.

Me: I’d be happy to take care of that for you miss, can I get your date of birth?

SL: No, no, no I need Location A. You are Location B.

Me: This is actually a call center located in our business office, our representatives can schedule appointments for any clinic. Can I please get–

SL: No I do not need the business office, I need *Location A.* Do you have the number??

At this point I’m losing my patience so I decide to just give her the number for our line for Location A, knowing she will end up talking to one of my coworkers, again, from the call center.

A few minutes later, I get a call from our Callback Queue. Due to long wait times, we give patients the option to receive a call back, and this particular queue doesn’t have a way to route calls by location so it’s just for all of them.

The call connects, and what do you know, it’s Stubborn Lady.

Me: Hi, this is tomorrowistomato calling you back from My Workplace, how can I help you today?

SL: tomorowistomato??? I just talked to you? Is this Location A?

Me: hi again miss, I can help reschedule your appointment for Location A.

Old Lady: I need to talk to someone at Location A, why does it keep sending me to you?

Me: Like I said, I work for a call center and we take calls for all locations. I am more than happy to help you reschedule your appointment at Location A, if you can just give me your name and date of birth.

She hung up.

I don’t understand people.


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