Got 3 types of terrible customer in a row


For what it’s worth this is chat support tech.

The first couldn’t print due to a well-documented error. They were able to remove the printer from the laptop as instructed, but did not know how to re-add. (Someone probably set it up for them.)

I asked if it’s connected via USB or Wi-Fi.

– “I don’t know.”

That’s fine, stupidity is default. I explained if it’s “connected with a cable to the laptop” or “wirelessly through internet.”

– “I don’t know. I’m not good with these things.”

Tech savvy has nothing to do with NOT LOOKING if there’s a cable or not.

We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with further questions. I linked instructions in the printer manufacturer’s website on how to add — hopefully they’ll follow. I don’t know how else to assist someone who doesn’t even want to try.

– “so does this mean you can’t help me?”

I responded, “I gave you instructions so clearly I want to help. You asked for instructions how to add and so I gave it.”

And then they disconnected right away.

Here’s the fun part: I was NOT at all aware that was sarcastic. I was not even trying to be. To me, it was just another way to explain/ give rationale to a customer.

That’s another story, but TL;DR due to that the TL wants to sign me up for a soft skills seminar. I 100% am not even aware if I’m sounding rude/sarcastic — though I legitimately want to improve that.

Next customer is the type who wants an excuse to be mad. External drive had issues. I asked if it’s connected DIRECTLY to the laptop.

Photo shows a multi-port adapter is used. For all I know the limited laptop port slots may just be insufficient. I verified if the cable didn’t fit in the laptop’s own port.

– “are you fucking kidding me?”

At this point, I’m legitimately confused and taken aback by their reaction.

– “pls tell me you’re joking.”

Apparently, they ASSUMED I SHOULD magically know their third-party external drive’s cable is not compatible with our laptop’s port.

I have no way of knowing the cable is incompatible with the port, not without their confirmation. It’s a simple yes/no question they over complicated and got upset about.

Next customer is the type who ASSUMES they know wtf they’re doing.

They wanted instructions how to password reset their account because they got hacked (99.9% bullshit guaranteed.)

Thankfully, they’re chatty — mentioned something that roused my suspicion something else may be going on.

I was right! Apparently, a different username (someone they know) was signed in on their phone previously. It downloaded an app.

They since removed that username and put theirs in. Since then, they couldn’t update the app because it needs the password of the previous username.

They ASSUMED the fix is to password reset. They ASSUMED they’re hAcKeD because it won’t accept the password.

The real fix was to erase the app and reinstall under their username. Issue resolved and they can still sign in on the website, proving the password works and no hAcKs happened.

I’m absolutely tired. It feels like customer behavior is getting worse than ever.


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