People can be so rude. Mad props to all reps!!


I’m not a customer service rep, but from time to time, I handle calls to explain our products and services (I work for a graphic design company)

English isn’t my first language but I’d say I’m pretty fluent at it and while i do slip to my accent (south east asian) when aggravated, I’m positive it’s mild. But damnnn this customer really complained about me not being able to speak “proper english” when she keeps using “you was” in her sentences. She refused to pause long enough to allow me to help her. Like guuuurl how am i gonna speak. I’m not built for calls. So much respect for everyone who does this everyday and manages to stay calm.🙌 i straight up choked when she said, NO YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND MA’AM and proceeded to demand for a manager — Ok sis byee


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Customer trying to pay ahead resulted in a system break requiring my GM and corporate.

“Get me a manager. Get me a manager. I will only explain to a a manager.”