“Get me a manager. Get me a manager. I will only explain to a a manager.”


Some background: I work for a popular electronics company known for our customer service. This is normally great because my coworkers really want to help and customers are generally willing to work with me to solve problems because they come in expecting I want to make some Disney magic happen (and I usually do). I was in sales, but got shifted to customer service primary about… a month ago?

If you want help, tell me what you need to happen. I might be able to save you time and a headache.

I had a woman call in and *absolutely refused* to answer any questions. Name? Nope. Department she’s looking for? Nope. Any information about the problem? Absolutely not. She just kept complaining about the wait time and told me to get a manager. Here’s the circle we ended up in before I gave up and just went for my senior team:

Me: “I understand your frustration and I want to help you. I just need to know a little about what’s going on so I can get you to the right supervisor without taking more of your time.”

Her: “So you’re telling me you can’t get me to a *manager*?? This is ridiculous. I’ve been on hold 10 minutes before talking to you already.” (OoOoOh not ten *whole minutes* 😱)

I put her on hold to prepare the higher up. She complains and “just needs to tell the store manager something, dammit!!”

>>first time mentioning a store at all
>>they can’t do shit, but okie then

I tell the poor store employee that I have 0 information, just that she refuses to speak to anyone besides a manager. “Oh, boy… fun! Okay. I’ll get someone off the floor right now.”

Awesome. I update Karen and she demands I stay on the line until a human answers. Cool, I have my popcorn ready anyway.

I listened in on the first few minutes of her talking to the store manager when she finally told me which store and everything… and surprise surprise, he couldn’t do anything. Without getting into detail, she needed some simple billing information that I could have provided and fixed within the time we were waiting for the mAnAgEr. I could have so easily helped her if she’d just used her words. I hung up with a big grin after I finished my notes and heard her bragging about “what a fine businessman” her brother is and was asking the manager if he as accusing him of lying about what she needed to do.

Have fun waiting on hold for another 20 min waiting for a rep like me. It’s the and of my shift and I’m one of the closers 💕


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People can be so rude. Mad props to all reps!!