Customer trying to pay ahead resulted in a system break requiring my GM and corporate.


I didn’t know where else to put this so enjoy my two weeks of agony.

I used to work for a tech giant that specialized in phone, internet, and tv. In this tale of the worst couple weeks of my life I was a part of our Advanced Resolution Team (art) meaning we got frequent callers that had problems that caused them to bypass regular support and come to the more experienced agents. The call you are about to read about took over 2 weeks to fix. That included me, my supervisor/team lead, my general manager, my general managers boss, the billing manager, and the billing general manager and about 9 different helpless billing agents. This is going to be LONG.

I got the call at the beginning of my shift, first call of the day. I spoke with her for over half my shift making in and out calls to / for her to get the issue resolved. My customer explained she had paid her bill, then attempted to pay the next months bill in advance two days after the initial payment. She was saying her tv was saying she had no service and give us a call. The code she gave was specifically a billing code meaning it turned off due to lack of payment.

I pull up her payments and see not only did she pay her $287 bill but she actually made a second payment in the same amount a few days later. I asked if the first had not processed from her bank and she explained she just wanted to pay the next month in advance as her family would be busy and a tv bill would be the last thing on her mind. Her account even showed the $287 credit from her second payment. I shrug and go through my flow hoping it would fix the issue.

We reset the box, redid the satellite search, took off and added back on her services. We did absolutely everything we could from the flow only for it to say she needs to pay her bill to restore service. At this point I am 20 minutes in and I guess looked slightly panicked. The woman remained call the whole tenir and was luckily very nice and understanding for the call. I grabbed my team lead since he sat at the desk next to mine and explained the situation. He tells me we need to contact billing and to tell the customer I will call her back when billing tells me what the resolution is. I’m trained in billing but do not have the background capabilities our billing team has.

I call billing, give the account number, explain the situation, the representative tells me for some reason due to the payments being so close together they basically bounced off each other, freaked out our system, and caused her services to be shut off. WHAT. The representative tells me it’s a quick fix they will message the background team and have them repush the information and it will only take an hour to fix. Awesome, I can handle that and the customer will be thrilled.

I call her back and inform her of the solution our billing team is working on and the time frame of the solution. She is extremely happy and I told her I would recheck with her in an hour to make sure her service is back. I call her back about an hour later and she tells me her services are still off. Oh no. I try the billing code flow again with the same result. I asked my team lead what to do and he tells me to recall billing. Great.

I call billing once again fir them to reiterate the same information. They said it may take another hour and to check with the customer then. I explain what’s going on, she’s understanding and told me she would be waiting for my call. One hour later we have the same result. I recall billing for the third time that day and I ask for a supervisor. Explain everything to him and he gives me his direct chat name so I can message him through out the day and check on the status so we can get this issue resolved. He informed me to wait 24 hours and contact him back if the issue still persists.

You guessed right, issue was still not resolved a day later. Same stuff, messaged the billing supervisor who said he would look into it, as well as tell my supervisor the situation due to me having to keep calling out so much instead of taking incoming calls. After 3 more times of going back and forth and speaking to regular reps in billing as well as the supervisor I felt defeated. We were three days in and still no help and our customer still had no tv.

My supervisor asked for an update and I explained I didn’t have one. He asked me to hand him my headset and he will call billing himself. He calls, explains who he is, and the rep tried to give him the same resolution. He asked for the supervisor, typed in the extension, only to get a dead sound. The rep gave him a fake extension.

By this point we are over a week in and my supervisor is calling from my headset to different departments trying to get a conclusion. My general manager saw my supervisor on my phone for so long and asked what was going on. Here is where the fun begins.

My general manager got the full rundown and asked me to call the billing supervisor. I called him and my GM asked for my headset and that he would handle the call. I had never seen him take an agent call before and other associates started to notice and realized the gravity of the situation. The supervisor was less than helpful so my GM asked for his GM.

After half an hour of the GM’s speaking my GM hung up and told me to let him know if it is not fixed by tomorrow and we would go higher. It wasn’t fixed. We are now over a week in. I inform my GM and he tells me he is going to call his boss. *Frank handled mostly corporate issues but was also the head of command for ART with my GM. He explained the situation and was told corporate would handle it and to check back in with the customer in two days.

My customer remained sweet and calm through all of this however every call she sounded slightly more defeated than the last. Two weeks after this all started she informed me it was fixed. I told my supervisor who advised me to tell the customer we would be crediting her next due bill as well as a time without service credit. I also informed her corporate would be in contact to discuss the issue and further credits for her. I’m not sure what corporate did for her but it did end up with our billing department being revamped as well as our payment system.

TLDR: woman pays $287 twice just to break our system and cause her service to be shut off requiring my GM and corporate to get involved. Issue got fixed 2 weeks later resulting in a ton of credits and billing system revamp.


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