No, what’s YOUR name >:l


First time poster here. Typing on mobile. Forgive any errors please.

Today, I had a huge grumpy and combative prospect on the line. I work for a university and take inbound calls for all sorts of inquires as well as do outreach to check-in on our student population.

Today, I had a prospective student calling in requesting literature about our school.

The call follows:

Me: Thank you for calling University, this is OP’s first and last name. How can I help you?

Caller: I’m interested in getting some literature about your school

Me: Awesome, I’m excited to hear you’re considering taking the next step in your educational journey. Do you mind if I get your name?

Caller: NO.

Me: uh

Caller: What’s YOUR name???

Me: I’m OP’s first and last name


Me: Do you mind if I get your name?

Caller: Yes.



Me: Can I get your best call back number should we be disconnected?

Caller: I’ll just call back if that happens.

Me: Okay. Can I get your email address?

Caller: No. I want you to mail it to me.

Me: I’m sorry sir. Due to Covid we are all working from home and are unable to mail any documents. I can email it to you if that works.

Caller: No, I NEED you to mail it to me.

This goes back and forth until the caller starts becoming (even more) irate and demanding my supervisor. He disconnected before I could get him to one and proceeded to call in three more times harassing three other agents. Gotta love it


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