A weird pavlovian response to americans


I started a cc job at one of the many third world branches of a big outsourcing services provider about a month and a half ago. It’s for a bank, and as money it’s a really sensitive topic we are bound to get many, for real many, calls from desperate people trying to get their money from refunds, government help and so on.

Usually not all of them all rude, but they do get kind of feisty when you tell them you are not able to do certain stuff, especially as a simple, mortal agent.

The thing is, since last week, I haven’t being able to listen to any english speaker outside of work, without feeling physically sick.

I love watching gameplays and video essays in my free time, and usually watch them when I’m having dinner, and I have found myself unable to eat at all and like I’ve been punched in the stomach every time I listen to an american talk.

I understand that not all americans are like that, and as I said before not all our clients are rude, there have been many lovely, cooperating people too. But I guess the bad situations just overweight them, and now I have this pavlovian response where everytime I hear an american talk I feel like puking my guts out.

I think it’s time to leave before it turns into something worse haha


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