No free meal for you


Hello, I’m new here, searched for this literally after I had a ridiculous call I just had to share.
So, I’m working for a company that sells sightseeing tickets for various places across US.
We usually provide free inclusions in those tickets if you purchase specific amount, for example a free meal in a restaurant, as a thank you for your purchase. Again, free of charge.
Now, I receive a call from this lady, she said that she is in a restaurant and they are not accepting their tickets. I knew what restaurant it was, because we had a few cases of it past few days, and most people were chill with it, had no problem paying on their own, as they understood that technical difficulties happen every now and then.
This lady however, when I told her that because of that problem she wouldn’t be able to get her free meal, went full bananas and asked for a refund on her tickets, because she couldn’t get what she was promised, despite being a free, well, treat from us.
I did try to explain, however, calling her bullheaded would be putting it mildly.
She threatened with obligatory bad review, despite using her tickets to the fullest to visit other places throughout the day.
Luckily, I had a break after that, another call like that, and some bad words would fly most definitely.
Thank you for your time, I’ll post some more when more happens.


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