Barely survived by first day of OJT. This is my only day off and I’ve spent it shaking and stressing out.


I work for a call center that is now permanently work@home. It’s Canada based for a wifi/cable/tv provider.
The training seemed fine. I used to work at a call center that shut down, so during the training although they tried to remind me of all the perks and “great things”, I was the only one in my class with experience who kind of just knew there’s nothing they can say that’s gunna convince me this a good job lol.

So anyways by that logic you’d think I would be so shocked my first day on the phones alone wouldn’t go so horrible. The training was wayyyy shorter than I anticipated and I’m not even sure yet of what our plans are that we offer because my trainer was lazy and clearly hates it “here”.

Anyways, 2nd call of the day, someone is pissed because the last agent added the wrong plan. Look I get it, he’s getting charged for something he didn’t want. So customer says please add the original plan he wanted. I look and no surprise at all OF COURSE I can’t add it. I apologize and let the guy vent inevitably and honestly he’s not terrible and acknowledges more than once he knows I’m not the one who did it. Sadly to my avail he requests a TL.

I apologize I couldn’t help him further, but yes I’ll put you on hold and find one. (Our hold time can’t go over 1:30 mins so you have to keep resuming the call and letting them know you’re still working on it).

Look, idk what the fuck happened but I guess every single manager from this very large company decided to all take a break for an hour at the same time (we don’t even get hour lunches idk how they pulled it off), and it finally sets in that no one is coming to take the call. I go back on the line and say I’m sorry but no one is available and I’m still waiting and the guy still for some reason won’t talk to me about the plan anymore and insists on waiting).

Over an hour now goes by and a TL (I don’t fucking even know any of them yet) says “hey”. I restype my entire issue because clearly they weren’t going to read it again for some reason. TL responds slowly “tell them the plan isn’t available anymore”.

???? No fucking shit it’s not. She calls me and kind of laughs “you know I’m gunna tell them the same thing right”.

At this point I stare at the account because there’s no solution other than the guy to yell at me. I now have a “meeting” tomorrow and idk know what about yet but I’m still in probabtion and let’s assume they’re obviously pissed I was on a …. wait for it…. Over 2 hour long call.

I hate my life.


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