Need another job ASAP


Sorry if this doesn’t belong here. It’s more a rant than anything. I love my co-workers but I hate the company. I work ERS for a company that usually goes by 3 letters. I liked the job when I first started but it’s gotten so bad. They bought a new dispatching system that SUCKS. We’ve had garages quit because of this system. No one knows how to use it very well. It doesn’t work how it should. You have to open 5 different things to find the info you need. They put a stop to rolling garages over to the new system for now because our numbers tanked so bad that the PRESIDENT of our club took notice. But we’re expected to keep an eye on the garages in the new system as well as the old one which isn’t as easy as you’d thing.

We’re also extremely short staffed in the dispatch department so we can’t always call the members to keep them updated. So we’re never hitting our goal which means no bonus which is bull because call receive are actually making more than us but we have to do more work because most calls come thru with wrong info because the call takers don’t care.

On top of that we’re extremely short on drivers because of covid as well as a couple of them getting hit while on the job. Plus the garages that quite. So lately members have to wait for at least 90m because we’re so busy with next to no drivers. If you break down at night in the area that I live in, you’re screwed because we have 3 garages covering a large area which would be great…except each garage has ONE driver. No back up garages will answer/help because the company pays a laughable amount for each call (It’s literally $30 per call….you have to run a lot of calls for it to be worth it)

Add to that the fact that us dispatchers (in my office) feel like the black sheep of the company even tho we’ve been acknowledged as one of the best dispatch offices (in our area we were the top). Plus so much other stuff.

But the worst part is having to deal with upset members because of the wait or because we have to tell them we can’t help them. I just had a call where the member was in an area with very little garages. I had been calling the garage for that area for over 30 minutes with no answer. Tried all back up garages within 70 miles. Only 1 or 2 answered and they couldn’t help. No one else would answer their phone. So I had to call the member and explain we had no one. She was an older lady and was crying because she didn’t have money to get outside service and she was in the middle of no where and was traveling. It broke my heart. Thankfully the main garage called back last minute and was able to help her but I can’t keep doing this. I hate getting screamed at by the members but at the same time….they have every right to be pissed.


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