True Story (And I’m Pissed)


A customer calls in; demanding a refund because she says she ported out a number; I explain that the port process failed; and as she did use our cell phone towers for the period the customer would need to ask the other carrier for a refund. As usual the customer says I don’t know what I’m talking about and demands a supervisor; I do the usual yes you’ll tell them the exact damn thing but they insist. The supervisor asks me to deesclate; agrees we can’t refund the charges but agrees to a callback.

I check the notes and the sup gave the customer I whole refund. What really bothers me though is that the next day his boss was saying how it’s not easy to be a supervisor; and when you’re in that role you don’t have the luxury of asking a supervisor to give the customer a bigger credit and how you have to stand by the company’s rules. I mentally tore my hair out at that part.


What do you think?

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