Flipped a bit on rude lady who demanded supervisor before telling me what she needed help with


So this is somewhat of a rant story because I’m just annoyed at how stupid and rude some people are, but also I thought I’d share because I found the stupidness and rudeness of this ladyto be pretty amusing. This lady called and was just being a rude bitch demanding a supervisor from the beginning before even telling me why she was calling and then yelled at me for answering her questions, so honestly I kind of lost it and was probably too direct with her and gave her some of her own medicine back at her because I got sick of her yelling at me for being nice. Thankfully my supervisors are cool and eventually took a transfer and didn’t care that I was a little short with her.

TLDR: Lady demands supervisor before even telling me why she’s calling. Asks me question then gets mad at my answer and starts argument with me. I call her on her bs. Supervisor who is even more direct and less nice to caller than me takes call eventually. I don’t get in trouble for calling her on the bs.

Here’s the cast:

Me: inbound agent

BSH: bitchy shareholder for company A

Sup: my inbound supervisor

IRC: Investor relations company I work for

Some background: the caller center I work for is retained by companies to handle questions from shareholders about upcoming shareholder meetings. On inbound we can handle up to 50 different campaigns at once, but like 99% of our calls are about whatever we’re currently calling on outbound, so some of the others we are less familiar with because we deal with them infrequently which was the case for this call, but I knew the basics about what this lady needed as we call have access to informations sheets that highlight the key points for each client. In the case of this particular call, the lady calling was a shareholder with a company (company A) that had recently had a shareholder meeting where shareholders approved a merger with another company (company B). Company A was bought out by company B and company A no longer exists. Shareholders of company A have the right to receive a specific rate of cash in exchange for their shares in exchange for the company being bought out. This particular caller was one of the many shareholders who couldn’t be bothered to vote in the meeting or pay attention to their investments and now is calling us wondering what happened to their stock.

Me: Thank you for calling IRC. This is Me speaking. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

BS: this is BS. Who am I speaking with?!

Me: This is Me. And which company are you calling about today?

BS: I have holdings in Company A and want to know what’s going on with the share price. Which company did you say you’re with? Did I even call the right number?

Me: This is the correct number. You’ve reached SRC…

*lady cuts me off*

BS: what does your company even do? I own over 50 different holdings in different stocks and don’t have time for this.

Me: We’re an investor relations firm. Companies hire us to handle calls related to shareholder meetings. Company A has retained us to handle calls on their behalf about their recent shareholder meeting. Just give me second to up the information about that meeting, so I can help you.

BS: I just want to know what’s up with Company A! Am I even speaking with the right person? I probably need to speak to a manager or something to find someone who knows about this company.

Me: No, you do have the right person as I am the person designated to handle this and I have all the information right here. We have over 50 different clients we deal with and we don’t get calls about Company A frequently, so I just needed a minute to locate my information on this matter as it wasn’t up in front of me as the moment you called. Now how can I assist you today?

BS: Is there a manager I can speak to?

Me: I’m not understanding what you need a manager for. I’m perfectly equiped to help you with this matter and have the same information as the managers have, so if you can let me know why you are calling then I’d be happy to assist you with this. If I’m unable to answer your questions then of course, I’d be happy to see if a manager can help you, but first please let me know what it is that you need help with today.

BS: Just give me a manager. Isn’t there one available for me to speak with?!

Me: Okay, but in order to transfer you to a manager, I first need to know why you are calling.

BS: Why should I have to tell you that?! I don’t don’t know exactly why I’m calling. I’m 65 years old and have (random illness I can’t remember) and have over 50 different stocks and I don’t have time for this. Just get me a manager.

Me: Like I said, in order to assist you we need to know what it is you need help with. In order to transfer you, I need to let the supervisor know why I am transferring. Now what questions do you have for us today?

BS: I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH COMPANY A!! I The share price is all over the place and is tanking and I want to know what’s up. (Idk how this is possible since this stock no longer exists since it was delisted after the merger was approved.) They had some kind of meeting last month to approve a merger and I have too many stocks (repeats thing about having 50 different holding etc) to follow this stuff. (repeats rant about being “old” and sick etc.) I want to know if the merger went through. I don’t know what questions I have. It’s too complicated. I just need someone who can help me with this and know what’s going on.

Me: Oh okay, so you want to know if the merger was approved. Give me one second to pull that up and check on that for you. I have the info on that right here. *pulls up 8k report with information about the results of the shareholder meeting voting on the merger last month.* Okay, here it is. *I start skimming over it doing the “lets’s see…it says…and this…ah here it is” kinda thing.* Yes, it looks like the shareholders did approve the merger agreement.

BS: I don’t even know which company this is. Which company did they merger with?! I don’t even know what Company A is or what they do. *insert same rant again about being old, sick, too many stocks etc.*

Me: Company A is a (insert industry) company. They were acquired by company B that is a (more specific type of company in same industry as company A).

BS: Idk how I’m supposed to know this! I have too many stocks. So is this for sure? They aren’t going to back out or anything? Because I can’t afford to waste time with this if they back out….blah blah blah *rants about this and rambles on again about having so many different holdings, being “old”, and sick. *

Me: Yes, it says right here in the 8k report for Company A on pg. 2 that on (specific date last month) shareholders of Company A approved the merger agreement with Company B and all proposals were approved. Actually, I’m sorry it looks like that actually was on pg. 102. I just have these 3 pgs of the report here.

BA: WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL THIS?! I’M 65 YRS OLD AND HAVE (specific illness i can’t remember b/c i was tuning out her rants). I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! You’re giving me too much information and confusing me. I don’t need even know what an 8k report is. Why are you telling me about that? I just want to know about what’s up with company A!

Me: I appologize for confusing you. I was just citing where I got the information from since you wanted to know if the merger was for sure approved. Because of SEC rules, we are required to cite our sources of where we are getting the information we are giving you.

BS: WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ABOUT SOURCES?! I don’t know about any sources. *repeats rants about this and the old, sick, too busy stuff again*. Why are you giving pg. numbers and telling me this is on pg. 102 when I don’t even know which document that is for. That’s like telling me you read a great quote in a book on pg. whatever and not even telling me which book it is! That’s just stupid. This is common sense you should know to tell me what the pg numbers are referring to….continues to rant about this and how she doesn’t have any documents etc.

Me: Sorry if you missed it. I actually did tell you the document the pg. number was referring to. I’m sorry if you missed that and i confused you. I was referencing information from pg. 102 of the 8k report as I’m required to cite where i got my information from.

BS *getting louder and madder at this point* WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT 8KS! I’M OLD AND DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT THAT IS. I don’t have that in front of me. How am I supposed to know what that is or where to find it. *continues to rant repeating the old, sick, too busy rant and how she doesn’t have any of these reports and doesn’t know what an 8k is etc

Me: I am sorry for the confusion. An 8k is the report that companies issue to report results of their shareholder meetings. It should be available on their website…

*BS cuts me off again yelling again*

BS: I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT! Why are you wasting me time confusing me giving me too much info about 8ks and pg numbers when I just want you to answer my question. Idk how you expect a small shareholder like me to understand your industry jargon or where to find this stuff. How would I know which website to go to for this. I don’t care about this.

Me: Like I said, I only mentioned it because I am required to cite my sources. You can find that report on the website of for Company A or on the SEC website…

BS: *cuts me off again getting even madder this time to yell at me more about how this is too much info and she doesn’t care etc. Says I am not answering her questions and confusing her and demands a manager again because I’m wasting her time confusing her with too much information.*

Me: I appologize for the confusion. I only mentioned the 8k report because I was required to cite that source, but you don’t need to worry about that or look it up if it’s too much info for you. I’m confused why you keep saying I won’t answer your questions when I already told you more than once that the merger was approved. Anyways, I’d be happy to assist you if you further if you could let me know what else it is I can help you with.

BS: YOU AREN’T HELPING ME AT ALL AND ARE WASTING MY TIME!! *repeats the old, sick rant again* You won’t even tell me what an 8k is.

Me: Like I said before, it’s the report that companies issue with their meeting results from the vote. (most shareholders with as many holdings as her know this btw).

*BS cuts me off again and basically we repeat this cycle of her complaining about me mentioning an 8k report and how I won’t help her and am wasting her time and she’s old, sick, etc. But she kept insisting on me explaining again what an 8k is but then ranting that she doesn’t care and I’m wasting her time. I kept trying to point out I already answered her question about the merger and the 8k isn’t important since she clearly doesn’t care about it, so I tried to redirect back to asking what else she wants help with so I can assist her and not waste more of her time. She continues to bitch about me and not tell me what else it is that I’m apparently not helping her with. After this repeats several times, we end up at this point or her going back to wanting the supervisor*

BS: I don’t want to argue with you to fight to get an answer here. I want a supervisor. You are too confusing and won’t just answer my question!

*At this point I’m fed up with her and decide to call her on her bs.*

Me: Maam, I’m confused what it is you are claiming I’m failing to help or confuse you with. You asked me if the merger was approved and I answered your question and told you it was, so I’m not sure how that isn’t answering your question, yet everytime I answer, you get mad and start arguing with me. I’m trying to assist you, but you won’t tell me what else it is you need help with to let me assist and you are the one “battling” me every time I give you an answer and wasting your own time. Now if you can let me know what else you need I will gladly assist you.

BS: I don’t want to deal with you being too direct with me. I’m old and you keep arguing with me and are sharing too much info and won’t just answer my question. I want a supervisor.

Me: My supervisor has the exact same info as I do and is going to tell you same thing and will also have to quote her sources. What else do you need help me?

*BS cuts me off yelling demanding a supervisor. We go back and forth several times because I still don’t know what else it is she needs help with and I don’t want to waste my sup’s time with this angry bitch who can’t even say what she wants. I tell her I will see if the supervisor is free, but she has the exact same info I have*

BS: I don’t care! I just want to speak with someone else and not have to battle for information. If I hang up and call back will I get a different agent?

Me: Like I said, I’m making a request to see if my supervisor can take your call. She’s very busy and is this is a work from home job, so I need to type in a chat to tag her and see if she’s free. Hold on a minute.

*lady continues to bitch about how she doesn’t like me and wants to call back to speak to a different rep and anyone would be better than me.*

Finally I post in chat and then notice the sup was listening to the conversation or was alerted by QA b/c she had already posted saying I can transfer to her. At this point I’m done with this angry bitch and just want her off my line, so I gladly transfer to the supervisor. I should have done this way earlier, but I didn’t want to wast the sup’s time on this lady nor did I want to give BS the satisfaction of getting her unreasonable requests granted right away. Joke is on her because my supervisor told me she hasn’t read this campaign and didn’t even know what it’s about. Obviously supervisors take less calls and are less familiar with the campaigns than the agents doing it all day every day, but she probably just quoted the same info off the same doc as me. I told her the lady was getting pissed about me citing materials and pg. numbers and my sup said she’ll still be citing those for her anyways. My supervisor is way more direct and much less nicer to SH’s than I generally am as she’s not into pleasantries at all, so honestly I doubt it went much better after the tranfer unless she just calmed down from assuming the supervisor must know more. I thought I’d get in trouble for being a little short with her, but no one said anything, so I guess my sups didn’t care. Kinda felt good to call the lady out since she just kept yelling at me everytime I tried to be polite and help her. I just don’t understand how people are so stupid and rude. Like if you want help, just tell me what you need and then shut up and let me help you and listen to me. I think she just wanted to know what happened to her stock and how much money she will get and how to claim it etc. This could have been handled in like 3 minutes if she would have just asked me that up front and let me answer. I hope this dumb bitch loses money on this merger and has to pay high taxes on it. Idk why people are so stupid and angry all the time for no reason.


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