¡¡Im taking my money to another bank!!


Hi,Im new here i work as sales agent for a bank.

I received a call from a customer who wanted to open an account for her daughter.

Me:Thank you for calling(Bank) This is (ME) speaking how i may assist you.

Cust: Hi i want to open an account for my daughter,She’s 16 and the nearest branch is 30 minutes away.

Me:Oh,The only way to open an account for a minor would be directly at the branch,Since she’s a minor you will need to show info to the representatives.

Cust:Didn’t you hear me??The nearest branch is far away from me,I already have an account with you i just need this account for my daughter because she needs to deposit her check.

Me:I understand and i do apologize about this inconvenience but not only by bank policy but also by law i cannot open account over the phone for a minor.

Cust:You just don’t wanna open an account for my daughter do you

Me:Mam opening an account takes 5 minutes,But again for your daughter you will need to step into the nearest branch i do understand thats a little far from you but is the only way that you can open an account.

Cust:If you guys can assist me with this simple process i would take my money elsewhere.

Me:Ok,FYI other banks have the same process too,Have a wonderful day.


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