Currently working the overnight shift after coming from a morning shift. It’s been a great change, done wonders for my mental health, just overall a better experience.

The idiots that call though? Special brand of crazy.

I am logged in, minding my business, studying for my test on a relatively quiet holiday weekend in the US and a call comes in for a status update for a roadside call.

I unmute the mic, steel myself for someone who will sound most likely mildly annoyed and prepare my brain for the process of calling the dispatching department for an update.

“Hi, thank you for calling [Company Name], this is Trace, how can I help?”

“My number is 555-555-5555”

It takes me a couple of seconds to register what he said as he starts talking over me. Staring perplexed at my monitor, I try to speak again.

“How can I…?”


“I’m sorry, I need to find your request, what was the number?”


After a lot of cajoling and suffering, guy provides info. I reach out to dispatch, there are major delays because we don’t have enough drivers. It sucks, but what can we do? I feel for the guy, he needed a tire change and they had already told him they’d be there in 40 minutes well over two hours ago. Once I spoke to dispatch to confirm, I relay the info and the guy loses it.

“What’s your fucking name? i am going to report all of you fuckers to corporate!”

“My name is Trace.”

“What’s your last name?”

“i don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information. I will tell you that my name is Trace, I work for the roadside department and this call is recorded so anyone can pull it up and identify who I am.”

“I asked for your goddamn last name.”

I apologized and declined once more but the guy was relentless.

“Are you the only fucking Trace on the planet?! GIVE ME YOUR LAST NAME!”

At that point a supervisor took over and I was so calm for the first time in a while. I felt bad but I also am so tired of humanity and how demanding they are.


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¡¡Im taking my money to another bank!!

You don’t sound like you have much experience is customer service.