If they hate us so much, why do they keep calling?


Yesterday was probably one of the more irritating days I’ve had at my job. We suddenly had a ridiculously huge spike in calls and tickets, to the point where there wasn’t a single point during the day where someone wasn’t queued up. This is considered a little abnormal for my tech support team in terms of volume.

What didn’t help was the fact that just about everyone who picked up the phone seemed to be in some state of abject misery that they proceeded to thrust upon us.

* A customer that my coworker was handling was convinced that there was something wrong with a system component. We checked, double checked, triple checked – nothing was wrong. Coworker relayed this to her. The customer’s response was that “you guys are just fucking gaslighting me.” Totally normal reaction.
* Another client blew up at someone because they wanted to access the base code of the software to inject their own shit, and their answer was a very firm “no”. They decided that violently cussing out my coworker was the best response to this.
* I had a woman call in who you’d think would have dropped dead at the idea of having to speak with us at all. She was slightly less pissy once I was able to fix the problem she’d reported, only to get very pissy again when she didn’t receive a favorable answer to her second inquiry. I had to look through her ticket history a little later for something unrelated and found an email chain between her and her account handler, where she constantly drew attention to the amount of times she “had” to call tech support. I have a quick and easy solution for that, Carol.
* Too many people were getting disproportionately angry over potentially receiving an email rather than a callback for something we’d have to look into further. We’re trained to ask which they’d prefer, and if you want a callback, that’s fine. What’s not fine is acting like I just called you a slur simply by suggesting email as an option. “Call please, no one *ever* gets back to me with emails.” “I want to speak with someone directly, I don’t want another goddamn email.” “I’m a people person, I communicate by phone ONLY.” “If I receive an email from you, I’m speaking to your manager.” And when you get them on the phone? They act like speaking with you is a stain on their social status.

It just makes me wonder sometimes. If you really hate us that much, *then stop calling. Stop requesting calls*. Free up the queues for the people who actually appreciate the fact that they need help and can act like adults.

TL;DR: Calling tech support is an inconvenience that is wholly our fault.


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