Many years ago in a cave…….


Many years ago when working in a call center, I was slated to take escalated calls. As you all know, there are some special people that call in and escalate. Some will have legit problems that need to be fixed, but in this case, well….let me just tell the story…..I worked for cellular company V who bought and purchased company A. Being that is the case company A offered free devices to people whose phones would not work on the new network. me= V and dumb customer = DC


V: hello, how can I help you here today?

DC: I am not getting services ( static) where I need it ( more static)

V: Hello? are you there?

DC: yes, is that better? I have to walk outside of my home to get service it gets fuzzy static-ee when i am in my home.

V: well I apologize you are having that issue, lets take a look at your coverage…

DC: Ok I live in xxxxxxx mountain.

V: ( inputs the information into a coverage map and it shows literally its a legit mountain) ….so at this point I start asking more quetsions. ‘ Sir, is your home on the mountain? is it near the bottom or the top?”

DC: its near the bottom, IN the mountain. I lost my trailer due to a fire, and am living in a my own cave.

V: Me pondering a response. …….finally I respond with, well the signal may have problems penetrating all that rock

DC: Ill penetrate your mom….make this work or I am cancelling the service!

V: Ok sir, lets have you walk into your cave……

Line goes to static and disconnects………………….

thing is that this was a legit account and the guy had called in for the same issue like 20 times.


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