I just now quit.


Hello folks, been subscribed for a long time.
I live in the UK, working at an inbound call centre as a “customer owner”. Customers call in to us from their insurance company if they’ve had a break in or weather damage done to windows/doors, we fix everything and price up the work, sometimes need to collect insurance excess too (usually nothing more than £200). I’ve had enough, and after talking to my supportive partner, decided to quit today.

I’ve been working there for three months and I’ve been at the depths of depression, I’ve honestly considered suicide. I’ve cried more in the past three months at this job than I have all others combined (I’ve worked in some nasty places).

I have good experience with admin and payroll, so I am hopeful to get something soon. I just needed to take the plunge otherwise I’ll be stuck in the toilets crying for the rest of my life. 🙃

Thanks for reading. ❤️

Edit: thank you so much for the awards and the kind comments. 🙂


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