Guy attacks our tow truck


So this call just happened. I should be used to these kind of calls by now but they still amaze me. I work ERS btw.

ERS – emergency roadside service

Garage – tow company

So this guy called in to have us come tow his vehicle from one repair shop to another. Stating that the 1st one couldn’t fix his vehicle. So the garage went out to get the vehicle but once they got on location, they discovered that the shop was closed. Now the thing is, we will NOT tow your shop off of the lot of a closed repair facility unless you have some sort of proof, like a receipt, that proves you don’t owe the shop any money.

If it’s not obvious, we have this rule because people have tried to get out of paying a bill by having us tow the vehicle for them. This is theft obviously so to cover our behinds, we won’t tow it unless you have a receipt or something to show no outstanding bill. (Also side note, if you break down and go to pull off the road, if you can, avoid pulling into a repair shop if you know it’s closed because of this…it’s really hard to prove you just broke down and pulled into their lot)

Well the driver told him he had to call back tomorrow. This guy was PISSED. Started yelling at the driver and going off on him and then started attacking the truck and hitting the windows. Obviously, our garage left and is now refusing to service the member when he calls back tomorrow.

Well the guy called back and was upset and yelling at us about how he told the driver that the owner of the shop was coming to open the shop and release the vehicle for him. Problem with this is, the owner hadn’t arrived yet and the guy was expecting the driver to wait for the guy to hook up the vehicle anyways and just wait. But we won’t. We have to get to other calls. Especially because we had no way of knowing that the owner really was coming out.

The guy didn’t care though and started saying that he was gonna go to the BBB and tell all his friends and family how horrible we are and that we’re the most disgusting company he’s ever dealt with. No matter how many times we told him we can’t tow off of a closed and private property, he just wouldn’t listen.

The kicker? The guy wasn’t even the member. We’re not sure who he was in relation to the actual member but this guy made getting the vehicle towed even more difficult because now if he calls back tomorrow, that garage won’t tow him and there’s very little back up for that area so….

And before anyone mentions this….no we can’t refuse to service him because the company cares more about money than it’s employees.


What do you think?

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