You don’t sound like you have much experience is customer service.


So I’m a supervisor. The one and only at this place so I get to deal with all the adult toddlers. This is an experience I hold dear and love to tell all the representatives, especially after a bad call.

I’m reaching 40 in age but I sound very young.

Customer: (he’s not getting what he wants) You aren’t very good at customer service and you don’t sound like you even have much experience. How long have you been doing this!?

Me: (in the flattest most monotone voice I can do) twenty years, sir.

Customer: *audible gasp* stammers a little and then changes his point to something else.

(Me in my mind) Yeah that’s what I thought. Don’t try to discredit me or any of my reps by the sound of our voice, jerk.


What do you think?

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