Recap- I work for credit card company
Lady calls in and makes up this weird story about how Home Depot charged her twice. Throws out a random number and can’t give me a date. I explain I can’t find what she is referring to so she starts to bring up another charge. She’s like I didn’t get to use my airline tickets. I’m like did you contact them to see if they can make arrangements for a refund and she makes up this story about how she can’t ahold of them. So I ask her if she want to dispute the charge and she’s like yeah plus the home depot charge ( again random number that doesn’t exist) I politely tell her that I don’t see what she is referring to so she is like nevermind just the airline charge. So I’m starting the dispute and she’s like I want to dispute another home depot charge 😐 I’m like why do you want to dispute this one and she gives me the run around. Thankfully she hangs up. For context if you dispute a charge you temporary get your money back so she was just trying to get free money out of us. I wanted to pound the phone.


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“Get me a manager. Get me a manager. I will only explain to a a manager.”

“I don’t know where I am!” A comedy and tragedy all i one