I Wasn’t Told!


My first ever call center job was with a popular cellular provider. The 12 weeks of training I had did not prepare me for the type of calls I would be taking. I felt anxious at first, but that quickly disappeared once I realized I was speaking to idiots. I disliked the system and programs, but customers… whole other level. I completely despise them. It isn’t my fault you didn’t read the terms and conditions. You chose to accept them under the guise of ignorance and that comes with its consequences.

I’ve had calls where the account owner purchased phones for someone else, only for that relationship to fall out, and now they call in demanding that the phone be removed because “It isn’t my responsibility anymore.” Aight, but you agreed to purchase the device on your account through installed payments. Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve had calls where I am amazed that people just ignore their bills, but will call every week wanting to dispute their past due balances they chose not to pay. Like no, I can’t make it disappear because you chose to pay a certain amount that you wanted your bill to be every month. It doesn’t work like that.

Customers will ask you for the most unrealistic requests on top of unrealistic expectations. Companies will require you to offer any solution as long as it is within policy, which has hardly any solutions, and the solutions that are offered are garbage. To be honest though, I can’t tell which is worse. Incompetent call centers and their outrageous system, or adults who choose to act like tantrum throwing toddlers?


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