Customer freaks out about alphabetical order


So, a long time ago I worked in an industry that required paper documents to be mailed to customers (yep, that long ago).

Cue lady calls up SCREAMING at me that her husbands’s name appeared BEFORE (ie 2 lines listing both their names on an invoice) HERS ON THE INVOICE, ARE WE SEXIST, DISGUSTING IDIOTS?? I WILL SEND THIS TO EVERY NEWS STATION IN (area), ….(rant continues)………

Me: ma’am, the reason your husband’s name appears first then your name below is… the alphabet.

You are Mrs “B Sharp”. Your husband is Mr “*A* Sharp”. That is why, it lists policy holders in alphabetical order by first name.

Mrs B Sharp: well it is still DISGUSTING *rant goes on for excessive amount time, of threats to call local authorities etc*

And no, I couldn’t terminate the call, as no swears were used. By her or myself. Oof.


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