A gentleman wanted to brag to a scammer.


I’ve worked in call centers on and off for close to 10 years. I’m currently a supervisor in a call center for a bank and I had a customer transferred to me about 2 years ago. This elderly customer had worked briefly with one of my representatives but she was concerned so I offered to take the call.

Me: “Hello sir, I understand that you’re concerned about your online banking? My representative said that you think someone accessed your account.”

Customer: “Hello! Yes he’s on the phone with me now.”

This set off some red flags so I asked some more questions. The scammer called the customers cell phone and the customer called me on his house phone. The customer had provided his online banking information and the scammer moved about 14k from the customer’s savings to his checking and was asking the customer to sign up for bill pay and send a check because there was an “accidental deposit.”

Me: “Sir, let’s go ahead and take a look at the profile. The money came from one of your accounts to the other and I don’t see any other company depositing money. Please hang up the other call and let’s talk about this more.”

Customer: “Ok! One moment.”

I reset his password. He repeated the new password out loud. I confirmed it. We reviewed the account, I sent an email to our fraud department, and we temporarily froze the account. As we were finishing up, the customer says:

Customer: “Did you hear all that, you rat bastard? You’re not taking my money!”

My friendly customer had kept the scammer on the line. He wanted to rub it in. He had kept the scammer on speaker to show the scammer that we were really sticking it to him. While providing me with his name, last four of social, DOB, and security word. And the temp password.

We started from square one and I gently explained why after confirming he hung up his cell phone.


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