“Color is very important to me! You misrepresented your product!”


While thankfully I am not currently working in a traditional call center, part of my duties as an e-commerce specialist still involves taking customer calls. I’m working for a company that designs and makes gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Most of the time, it’s pretty chill, and when people do complain, it’s legitimate complaints. Not this lady.

Me–Awesome Outdoor Gear, this is Spudgoddess.

Crazy Color Lady (hereafter known as CCL)–I ordered one of your water bags (named after a desert-dwelling mammal famous for its hump) from another website (drones on for a while before getting to the point, which I’d assumed would involve it having a flaw/major issues/didn’t arrive. you know, normal stuff) and the color differs from what I saw.

Me, already thinking this is going to be silly but reserving judgement as best I can–I’m sorry to hear that ma’am. Sometimes, colors can differ across monitors or even browsers, and–

CCL (cuts me off)–No. I looked on several different browsers, two different monitors, AND my phone. They all showed a darkish, charcoal gray. the product I received was a yellowy-green gray. Is there anyone else I can talk to about this?

At this point, I’ve lost any real interest in being helpful, but because I like my job and need it I continue being professional and friendly. “I’d be happy to get you over to my supervisor. May I ask, though, if the difference in coloration has you concerned about a discrepancy in quality?” (in other words, I’m diplomatically saying “Lady, it’s a water bag, not a fucking evening gown or car or anything else where it makes sense to nitpick over color.”)


CCL–No, it doesn’t, but the difference is very upsetting. Color is very important to me.

I transferred her to my supervisor. Fifteen minutes later, he’s still on the call with her. I agree: color can be very important. if it had been a sleeping bag, say, and it came in blue, purple, green and orange, she wanted blue, but go orange, yeah, that would be upsetting. If I order pants online and they looked navy blue but turn out to be more light denim blue, yeah, that would annoy me. But. It’s. A. Water. Bag.


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