Why people are rude to customer service ?!


I’m new here. I like lurking here while I’m working (working form home) and I’ve decided to post something for the first time.
I’m working in a call center as a customer service in Poland. We are the biggest e-commerce, delivering company in a country. Every day we deliver nearly half million parcels. And we are the only company in Poland who uses delivering system that’s called “Paczkomat”. It’s basically a pracel machine, there are currently over 13000 machines in my country, in every city and nearly every small town. It’s a very popular system in Poland, everyone knows it and prefers it over the door to door system, because basically your package is delivered to a parcel machine that’s probably near your block or house and you have 48 hours to pick it up.
Every day I pick up nearly 500 calls (they are rather short) so I don’t remember most of them, and crazy people call all the time, so I could probably find a lot of crazy stories to tell, and I probably will do that someday because I love your stories, but today I wanted to tell you about a call that happened like 20 minutes ago. I’ve got a lot worse stories, this is not a hardcore story but it was frustrating because I was trying to help and I think this case shows what kind of customers I talk to everyday.

So this Male Customer (MS) calls and I pick up

Me: Hello, this is eliasivvo, how can I help you?
MS: I try to pick up my parcel but this post office box isn’t working

So this happens quite often. When it’s cold outside they don’t want to work, sometimes there is a problem with hinges.
Of course there is a procedure for that. First we ask customers to push the doors of the box because that’s something that helps (really 9/10 it helps). If it does not help we send a request to a delivery man to fix it or place in a working box. Delivery man has 24 h to do that, and a customer gets additional 48 h to pick it up and an apology. It’s as simple as that.
MC tried to push the door as I asked him to do so, but it didn’t help (honestly I just think he was pushing the wrong door but I have no way to check that, I can only tell him which box is his, but how can I know if he knows how to count)
That’s the moment he started screaming and calling me slurs. He told me he demands to have his box opened for him in 5 minutes. That’s kinda stupid , because I’m like 300 km away from him so how Can I fix it in 5 minutes being in my house. I apologized and tried to explain that I can send a request and someone will fix it for him and he will get a notification and a new chance to pick it up. I understand that it can be frustrating because he wanted to get his package now, but let’s be honest, we delivered it to the machine in less than 24 hours, he can wait another couple hours to pick it up, it’s not like he waited a week. And another thing – it’s not my fault, I tried to help him and he called me a f**got
But eventually I convinced him that it’s the only way to help him. So I start writing the request and that when verification process starts. We have to get his email address and phone number because 1. that’s the way to verify it he is the person I’m talking to 2. We have to contact him somehow to tell him it’s fixed
Of course I see his phone number on my screen, I just need him to verify that, so I explain why I need that information and thats when he decides to ruin the whole thing and tell me that I’m rude, I want to steal his phone number etc.
If he told me his phone number that I have on the screen he would have his parcel in few hours but no, he was just dumb.
He told me that he demands his money back
And I thought “ok, I will let you shot your foot”
You see, if he demands to get his money back we no longer can give him his parcel. It will come back where it came from, and he will get his money (or not, if the office decides to cancel and decides that it wasn’t our fault he won’t get any money, that’s how reclamation works). Moreover, reclamation process lasts from 14 to 30 days, so no parcel, and money after month. I explained that to him very quickly and the reclamation was sent. Good luck with your pracel dumbass ! 🙂

If you’re nice and understanding to a customer service worker you’re gonna get what you want. But if you call me names and scream at me I’m gonna follow the procedure and let you shoot yourself in the foot. Always remember that customer service is there to help you and do it as fast as possible. I understand that it can be frustrating that the machine doesn’t work , but it’s not my fault , and that’s something we can fix within 24 hous. And don’t tell me I’m rude. I wasn’t rude, if I was I would lose my job. I’m very well trained and always nice, even though inside I want to kill you.

I’m writing on mobile phone so sorry for formatting, and of course for my English, it’s not my first language.


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