Being cursed at by callers


I’m so tired of being cursed out, made fun of, literally screamed at and still being expected to remain on the line with the caller.
little background about me-I’ve worked for a call center for about 2 years, not out of choice-out of the fact that there is no where else to work in my area (I live in a rural area) and it’s the highest paying job around and a job that actually offers benefits. As time has went on, I’m just completely burnt out. I’ve been through a lot in my personal life since I started this job which includes but is not limited to a near death experience, a horrible break up, and several health issues. I’ve been trying hang in there the best I can because I really need the insurance do to my health problems.

Im so tired of being cursed.. screamed at, interrupted, made fun of for pretty much anything under the sun. I even get made fun of for WORKING AT A CALL CENTER by the people that call in. My “supervisors” are rude and not helpful at all when I have issues or questions I can’t answer, they either tell me something ridiculous to tell the caller or when I ask them for help on something I’m not sure of they berate me for not knowing and act like I should already know. I feel treated like a dog by the callers and my supervisors. I’m just at a loss of what to do, today I got a guy that was being so hateful and cursing so much that I just hung up on him, I started out being very nice and polite (which feels pointless at this point because I know what’s coming on every call) and after 20 minutes of him taking down to me and cursing I warned him to stop cursing, he continued to be a jerk and I literally felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, my heart starting being so fast and I felt like I was seeing red, I tried to tell him once again the solution to his problem but I could barely get the words out, my voice was breaking up towards the end and I just hung up afterwards. Now I’m afraid of getting fired for it because the company has a VERY STRICT no hang up on callers- they say if the caller is cursing you that you need to warn them 3 times, then the 4th time thank them for calling and tell them to have a good day… I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t make the words come out. I literally had to set there for a few minutes afterwards to calm myself down because I felt like I was going to freak out. I was shaking and once again my heart was going crazy. How in the world are you supposed to deal with callers like this? I tried but the words just would not come out..


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