I had some fun today with someone in a call center


Today I had to call into a call center for a computer mfg to get a warranty replacement for a user of ours. Being someone who has working in a call center I got all the info lined up before calling. after going through all the menu’s I got a live person who mentioned our call was recorded, and went into everything. He was super nice and while on the call I mentioned I used to working a tech call center and how annoying it was when they would look over your shoulder all the time. I tried to be as cool as possible, even making sure to to be quick ( because AHT is f’ing stupid) at the end of the call he mentioned a survey which I was sure to say very loudly he would get nothing short of a perfect score, and how shitty those damn surveys are because they don’t always truly reflect the entire issue the person may have been having. It drives me crazy the more things change the more they stay the same.


What do you think?

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