About a year later, I still feel silly


So, nomorobo works apparently. I still feel kind of like an idiot when I think about this. I worked for a BPO that handled collections for a major cell phone carrier. The system would auto dial accounts that owed money on their account so we could offer to take a payment or set up payment arrangements. I had one where it sounded like the guy was on a boat or kayak and was having MAJOR issues. Some dire circumstance like a shark circling or the vessel was sinking or something and I didn’t know about the messages available via nomorobo…. I saw a commercial and heard the audio about two months ago. I felt like a complete idiot when I realized that is what I was hearing. I listened to that message for about five solid minutes before I hung up on the call. I had no idea, at the time, what was going on.


What do you think?

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